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What's this?

It's like, only smaller, with a buggier interface, and the quotes are from Ew-2 talkers rather than IRC.

What's new?

Well, it looks a bit different. Some of the buttons now have more meaningful labels. And if you register for an account, not only will your quotes appear immediately instead of being "screened", but you'll be able to leave comments on quotes as well.

Also, moderation of quotes is now much easier in that it can be assigned to users instead of done by me typing random URLs into the address bar. I realise that almost nobody visiting this site cares about that, but I do, so ner.

What's old?

There's currently no real error checking. It's meant to be a fun thing, not something I end up devoting a vast amount of time towards administrating. I'll tidy it up if or when it gets big enough to need it. If quote screening is turned ON, any quotes you add will NOT be immediately visible; you'll have to wait for someone to get around to approving it first. If it's OFF, your quote will show up at the top of the 'latest' list, with an initial score of zero.

Click on one of the menu options to the top-right of your screen to begin: these links control what order you get the quotes in at the moment. The "Back" and "Forward" I'll add pagination when it becomes an issue. All the views gives a quote ID number (and link), a plus button, a score in brackets, a minus button, the date and time of submission and the name of the submitter if given, and a 'Report Quote' button. The plus and minus buttons increment and decrement a quote's score respectively. If you think that a quote really shouldn't be there at all, click on the 'Report Quote' button. This won't do anything immediately, but will mark the quote as 'needs review'. I'll periodically go through all the 'needs review' ones and remove those that need it.

If it breaks, drop a mail to and I'll give it a prod.

Internet Explorer has been known to do absolutely horrible things to the layout of this site due to Microsoft not being able to strike a balance between "standards compliant" and "law unto itself" with regards their rendering engine. I've compromised in a couple of places so that it should look pretty much as intended in both IE and Firefox (rather than, say, IE completely ignoring line breaks), but I'm not going to sit here tweaking it until the baseline of text in two adjacent table cells lines up - that's the sodding rendering engine's job.

Quote screening is ON Search:  << Back | Forward >>      Latest · Hi-Lo · Lo-Hi | Add quote
558 quotes in the database